Below is a list of recommended local teachers.  If there’s nobody suitable (or available) here, visit our Hexham shop where you can browse our extensive database of local teachers and discuss with the staff here.  Sorry we but can’t give teachers’ details out over the phone.

Name Instrument(s) Level Location Contact
Finlinson, Mary Piano, Theory, Recorder All Grades Hexham 01434 606476
Gordon, Hilary Piano All Grades Tynedale 01661 854604
Dawson, Hilary Piano All Grades Hexham 01434 604457
Kearney, Anne Piano, Theory All Grades Hexham 01434 600966
Beattie, Liz Piano Grades 1-5 Corbridge 01434 632657
Wood, Anthony Piano, Organ, Theory, Voice All Grades Haltwhistle 01434 322472
Thoday, Jill Violin, Viola All Grades Haydon Bridge 01434 684448
Hardy, Lisa Piano, Flute All grades Durham 0191 4527381
Elliott, Lesley Piano All grades Hexham, Bellingham 01434 220908
Porritt, Heather Piano, Flute All grades Riding Mill 01434 682309
Robinson, Sarah Piano All grades Hexham Contact via Allegretto
Jukes, Liz Piano All grades Haydon Bridge 01434 688851
Thorne, Deborah Cello All grades Corbridge 07577 973817
Welch, June Piano Grades 1-7 Allendale 01434 683085
Francomb, Annie Clarinet, Saxophone All grades Corbridge 01434 633461
Waddington, Tom Cello All grades Haydon Bridge 01434 684448
Wallace, Anne Piano, Theory (adults) All grades Stocksfield 01661 844533
Stewart. Brian Piano, Flute All grades Hexham 01434 608493
Hignett, Dave Trumpet, Brass instruments All grades Hexham 07818 011722
Huntington, Margaret Piano, Theory, Voice All grades Newcastle 0191 267 7225
Enever, Bridgit Violin, Saxophone Beginners Haydon Bridge 07163 429739
Anderson, Judith Piano, Harp All grades Riding Mill 01434 682245
Shevlin, Julie Piano All grades Haltwhistle 01434 320085
Bradley, Anna Piano All grades Hexham 01434 600955
Bryant, Marc Piano, Organ, Theory All grades Riding Mill 01434 682630
Ritson, Roberta Voice All grades Wylam 01661 852702
Davies, Paul Piano, Theory All grades Hexham 01434 601102
Stephens, Anne Piano, Voice All grades Hexham 01434 602674
Barnes, Andrea Piano, Cello All grades Hexham 01434 608034
Adamson, Larissa Classical guitar, Piano, Theory All grades Hexham 01434 601571
Turner, Ruth Violin, Viola, Piano, Theory All grades Prudhoe 01661 598581
Theobald, Beth Flute, Piano, Theory All Grades Haltwhistle, H/Bridge 01434 321621