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Starter pianos

OK so you don’t trust your child (or husband, or wife) to stick with it, and you’re reluctant to spend a lot. That’s understandable. And the teacher’s insisted it has to be a real piano, not a keyboard – that’s also understandable.

We usually have a couple of part-ex pianos that – let’s be honest – aren’t the most valuable of instruments, but are in good playing order and at concert pitch (important if a sibling wants to join in with the clarinet or recorder). For somewhere between £200 and £500 you’ll have an instrument that’s in tune, will stay in tune, has been brought up to good playing order so that everything’s and works, and will be perfectly adequate for the early grades – and hopefully you’ll be back before long needing an upgrade as the piano-playing career takes off. In which case we’ll gladly take yours back in part-ex ready for the next generation of upcoming talent.