An acoustic piano is likely to last you many decades, possibly passing down the generations.  You should really treat yourself and your bottom (and back) to a decent piano stool, something that’s well-made and sturdy, comfortable and correct for your playing posture, and good-looking with it.

When you’re playing,  your elbows should be level with or slightly higher than your wrists, you should be sitting on the front half of the stool, your back should be straight and your feet comfortable using the pedals.  We all come in different shapes and sizes – and piano keyboards aren’t always the same distance from the floor.  For families with growing children, or an assortment of differently-sized individuals,  an adjustable stool is a good idea (for piano teachers, it’s a must).   Fixed stools can be supplied to a bespoke height if necessary, contact us for details.

Do be wary of cheap imported piano stools from the Far East that Google might suggest to you.  We’ve had these before and don’t bother any more, it’s not worth the hassle for us – flaky varnish, flimsy adjustment mechanism – they won’t last.  You get what you pay for….

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