Getting rid of an old piano

In all likelihood – sorry – that beautiful but manky old thing in burr-walnut isn’t going to be worth anything at all. You might want to howl in protest and tell us it’s got candle-holders – but that just makes it all the more worthless.  If it serves as a useful repository for family photographs and plants,  then just continue to enjoy it as a heavy but rather pointless piece of furntiture,  or get creative and think along the lines of a drinks cabinet or cutlery drawer (it’s quite doable). If you really want it out of the way, by all means have a chat with us to see if it has any redeeming qualities,  otherwise we offer a cost-effective and fully-approved disposal service. The cost of this is generally as follows:

If your postcode starts with NE46 – £69 + Vat. 

For all other postcodes, there’s an additional charge based on the distance from Hexham, of £1.60 (+ vat) per mile. This includes all Environment Agency charges,  however we may have to charge extra if the piano’s in a difficult location, so do admit at the outset if it’s up in an attic reached by a spiral staircase.

Please note that this is really a local service aimed at the good folk of Northumberland, County Durham, Newcastle and thereabouts. If your piano’s in Exeter we’re unlikely to be cost-effective, although the lads will enjoy the trip out.